Our desire is to see people of all ages
gathering and enjoying the game of pool in a safe and Christ-filled environment—fellowshipping and uplifting
one another.


We are dedicated to instructing people who are interested in learning to play pool the right way, plus, mentoring those who have a desire to learn from the life-lessons that the game can provide.

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Roger Long

Roger played his first pocket billiards as a youngster on a pool table belonging
to one of his friends, however, his experience as a competitive player didn’t begin until some 20 years later, and in the 45-plus years since, Roger has
worked in virtually every capacity of the billiard industry—he once owned a billiard room, he has sold tables in a billiard retail store, he has owned and operated a billiard pro shop, he became a cue builder and cue repairman, and he served many years as an advanced certified instructor. Currently, Roger spends most of his time working in Haven’s billiard ministry.
Roger is first on the right.