why we do it

We value our kids and families. We aim to give you and your child peace of mind by providing exciting and safe environments where children can discover and experience God’s love. Your kids will be in a high energy, age appropriate environment where they can learn and grow – and have fun while doing it!


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Weekly Bible Basis

Sept 5: Genesis 1:1-25
Sept 12: Genesis 1:26-2:25
Sept 19: Genesis 3
Sept 26: Genesis 6:1-9:17

Theme: Super Duper Picture Party

Preschoolers will play a picture guessing game each week that teaches them about the Creator of all creators— God. They’ll learn that God created everything and it’s good!


Weekly Bible Basis

Sept 5: Genesis 15-21
Sept 12: Genesis 22
Sept 19: Genesis 25:19 - 34; 27:1-35
Sept 26: Genesis 41:1 - 47:12


 During our “Slime Time” series, kids will be diving into (with their hands that is) green globs of goo to uncover key elements of our Bible story. It may get a little messy as we dive into God's word--but don't fret... everything is safe, washable, & in a controlled area. 


*Coming Soon*

Wednesday Night group for 4th & 5th graders! 

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WHen we meet

Sunday Service @ 10:30am
Wednesday's Lifegroup (4th/5th) @6:00pm