Mission and Vision


Haven Sports provides children, teens, and adults a safe place to participate in athletics that will be focused on skill development, teamwork, and positive relationships to fulfill the mission of Haven Church in sharing the love of Jesus Christ with the community.


Haven Sports is a first-class athletic experience for children, teens, and adults that is safe, and exudes the love of Jesus Christ while offering a variety of athletic opportunities to participate in.

Core Values


At Haven Sports we are here to provide HELP. Help will begin in at practice and athletic contests and will flow through all interactions with athletes and their families. This means that all paid employees and volunteers are present to better the lives of participants.


At Haven Sports we believe that EVERY athlete is important and valuable. All are welcome to participate in Haven Sports as each athlete has something that is valuable to contribute to the team.


At Haven Sports the ATHLETE is the focus of what we do. We encourage our athletes to compete and give their best anytime they step on the court or field. When our best is given our potential is maximized increasing athletes’ knowledge of the game and their ability as they grow through play. 


At Haven Sports we believe in the importance of Thrive. Thrive does not just refer to winning or the outcome of a game. While winning is important and competitive spirit is vital, the lessons learned on the field or court will long surpass the memory of a victory and help all our athletes to thrive.

Sports Offered

At Haven Sports we offer a variety of sports for our athletes to participate in throughout the year


Basketball will take place from April-June in our beautiful gym. Basketball is for athletes that are between the ages of 5-10. For more information click the button below.

Haven Sports Policies

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